Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Two magazines just came out with my pictures published in them.

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Classy Keen Magazine Issue #22 Lingerie Part 2

CT Magazine Issue 14 Winter Issue January 2014

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Photo Shoot

Always wanted to do the Alice in Wonderland shoot with my French bulldog baby, Cora Jean.  I like to include her in a lot of my photo shoots when possible, we're a dynamic duo.  She played the rabbit of course and was such a good rabbit indeed.  Fantasies Muse Photography shot the photos along with loaning me the wonderful costume.  Taking a daily hike in a park on the trails to get to where we wanted and had the perfect backdrop for our Wonderland surroundings.  A few preview pictures of the shoot, but of course I cannot post anymore due to magazine submission.  All photos gotta be exclusive as much as possible.  Stay tuned to which magazine these will be in!  I am super excited.


Cora Jean the Frenchie

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo Peek at the Valentine's Day Shoot

The photos are AMAZING and I can say I can't wait for them to be in magazines!  This is one I got back so far and you can only see the sneak peek here!  Inspired by an old Elvgren shoot (probably one of his most popular ones to reproduce by pin ups today).  Thank you Kelley Photography!

Minnie Mouse Photo Shoot Ideas

Never though I'd do a Minnie Mouse shoot before, but I saw this corset on ebay and had the idea pop into my head!  Red and white polka dots with black reminded me of Minnie Mouse and can just add some ears and presto!  Dollface Janel as Minnie Mouse to come. 

Also having a wonderful craft artist from the UK who wants to do a black tutu (skirt) for me as well and I can't wait to see what she has for me.

Stay tuned for more to come.............

Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Magazine Cover!

Last year I was blessed with being in my first publication along with being in many to follow after that.  2013 was a good year for me and I am thankful.  I have also become friends with Tesia J who is a beautiful pin up model and the owner owner of the Baba Lous Beauties Magazine.  This publication gave me the honor of my first cover and I am so excited! Also several more pictures inside that you can only see in the magazine. Please check it out and buy your copy today!

Click the link below to order your copy:

Baba Lous Beauties Magazine on Facebook:

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Preview

Although I was horribly sick all weekend with the nasty cold (and still am at this moment) I was able to do the most anticipated Valentine's Day Shoot I was getting ready for a while.   Being on a budget and finding things cheap are a must for me.  All wardrobe I buy myself as well or try to re-use items over and over again for new costumes/ideas/shoots. 

I made a wonderful headpiece with some items I had or found at the 1.00 store where I live.  I had the ostrich feathers from another project I had done and added them to the headband I also bought at the 1.00 store.  The heart came in a set of 2 I bought there as well and just added the piece on with some good old hot glue and Presto!, automatic head piece.

 I bought a pink corset on Ebay, that is for the Valentine's and also used for the Easter bunny shoot I did (pics to come soon).  Bought the wings super cheap on ebay along with a fake cherub bow/arrow (I am a bargain hunter) and also used some white thigh highs, red gloves, and red, ruffle panties I had already as well.  Added the head piece and some makeup by MUA Nina of the Doll Service and done!  These are just peeks of the behind the scenes photos of the wardrobe for the shoot.

Part of the shoot as well was the famous shot of the girl on the stool with the heard cut-out Valentine she had made.  This was the inspiration and always wanted to do this shot.  (no pics yet to share)

3rd set was a vintage nightie set I was lucky enough to find at AmVets one time.  Combined that with a rug of fabric I had bought at the fabric store and a retro style phone I got on sale at CVS Pharmacy and that takes us to our next scene of the shoot.

Be sure and look for my photos posted to come and also in publications.  I will keep you posted on which ones they are in hopefully soon too!

I did the photo shoot with a wonderful photographer friend of mine who is also a florist and has her own shop where we were able to have space to shoot in.


Thank you to Fatima Kelley of Kelley Photography / Belles De Jour Pin Ups and Nina The Doll Service for such a wonderful shoot.


Nina Fojas

Super Girl and Super Dog Costumes

If you don't know by now, I buy my own wardrobe for almost every shoot.  Takes money and time to find things for my shots, but I have high expectations for the photos and my wardrobe.  Especially since most of my photos are now in publications etc.  I am always looking for anyone who makes items as well who would like to donate them in trade for pictures they can use.

I am thankful and excited to be doing this next shoot coming up with my cutie dog Cora Jean who has been in several publications with me as well.  Supergirl and Superdog!

 Cora's Costume
My Super Girl Costume