Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inspiration all Around me.

So I grew up in a small town in Texas and a very creative and artistic family. My oldest sister, Julie, has sewn almost all of her life and is now making some wonderful creations of her own! Check them out at

I never thought that "I" could personally have any type of creative bone in my body. At age 31, I've seen to have had a boost of creativeness thanks to my friend, designer Janese, whom sews and creats her own clothing line. Check her out here at: I am aslo featured on her intro page as one of her models, wearing her designs.

With so much creative influence in my genes and around me, how can I not but spontaneously become artistic.


Yes, i also do some modeling in my spare time as well. I am a busy person! Along with my full time job, modeling, husband, and sewing, lets just say there's not much spare time. I love it all. I have met many wonderful people thru modeling and have had a chance to do some fundraisers and have also experienced some help thru my modeling network personally! It's a great world out there. Although I have had some setbacks that make me doubt the modeling world, nothing is perfect. Check out my modeling myspace account!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ori-Janel Creations

I started sewing recently and have so many ideas on things I'd like to do, but I have to learn and do things as I got along. So far I have a few things set up on my
account at

Sachets that can be designed just for u! Dif scents and dif embellishments upon request (as available).

Soon to come vintage and retro style aprons along with BBQ aprons and many more ideas just waiting to pop out!

"I love things that smell good. Always have. These are a great scent! Nice smelling and never too overwhelming and never cheap scents. I can't stand those type of smells. Only quality in my sachets and creations. I wouldn't see it any other way." Janel from Ori-Janel Creations.