Friday, January 30, 2009

So Many Scents, So little time to smell them all!

New Scents of oils added to the already wonderful list of scents! Full list is now:
Sandal Rose
Green Tea
Warm Sugar Cookies
Tropical Citrus Tango
Ginger Verbena
Many Vanilla scents, I'm a Vanilla fan!
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Lavender Vanilla
Vanilla Pudding
Vanilla Spice
Vanilla Sugar
French Vanilla

And many more in the works!
A great smell goes along with a great sachet! Few examples below.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Valentine Sachets

A Few more Valentine Sachets added to the selection. These can be used all year round in the wonderful colors. Special sayings on each sachet to tell your Valentine exactly how you feel. Check them out at

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dog Collars To Help Our Animals In Need

I have several of these collars on my for sale. I have more sizes than listed, so message me if you are looking for a certain size. I put these up and decided that I will donate 15% of the selling of this item to charity. Charity as in various organizations for animals. I am a true animal lover and want to help them, so I made this "our" opportunity to help organizations that take the time to help pets in need.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Perfect Valentine's Day Present

Valentine's Day's Perfect Gift! Sachets with hearts and jewels on them saying all of the things you'd like to say to your adored one, but this says them for you! What could say them in a better way than a gift. Comes in your choice of scent. These are not yet stuffed due to you picking out that scent so that you get what you like instead of something already made that you wouldn't. Valentine's Day comes once a year and these are only 1 of each that gets made, so none are duplicated exactly and like which makes them Ori-Janel. Happy Valentine's Day to come!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ori-Janel Creations Handmade Purses (one of a kind)

Ori-Janel Creations purses! One of a kind purses handmade and constructed by Janel herself. Various sized make it possible to choose which size you want and can also special order them in any fabric you wish. (expamples of fabrics can be messaged to you). Quality purses and stylish and roomy!

New Checkbook Holders/Covers for Ori-Janel Creations

New Checkbook Covers/Holders on my store created just to match some of the business card holders/wallets as well! New eyeglass cases coming soon to match as well. Whole sets can be sold at a discounted price than from buying all 3 items together. These covers are lined with craft lining and stay sturdy and hold a standard checkbook. Great for a gift or present.