Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MAMA Movie Review

 I kept seeing previews for this movie when I was at the theater and it looked stupid yet scary, so I decided to take a chance on it.

The movie isn't low budget, it's a quality film.  The ghost character could use a little more work in it's design and quality of the graphics.   The movie starts out with the Dad bringing his 2 little girls into a car, not knowing what is going on, except for a few seconds of radio station playing in the movie.

The Dad takes the 2 daughters, the baby not even in a car seat, and drives hurriedly and carelessly through the snow and ice roads.  They do run off the road and all seem to have survived the crash, get up and wander around the woods until they come to an abandoned home where they take refuge.  The little girl is looking out the window and says "I see a lady out there" foreshadowing the MAMA ghost.  The Dad then takes a gun and points it at the little girl's head looking out the window.  Suddenly that Dad is gone and the 2 girls are alone.  You never see MaMa at this point, but know she is there.

My criticism about the above is, why would he take the girls out of the car and into a shelter when he could've just killed them all right there.  He seemed to have been taking his time to kill the children, when apparently he killed his wife right away.  Try to understand the movie?  No.  All it seems to me is the opposite of "The Ring" in a way that the main scary ghost character misses and wants her baby as much as Samara loves her Mommy.  The girls then decide that MaMa is a bad person and evil as soon as they are in the real world after being discovered 5 years after they were lost.

And who waits 5 years?  Why weren't the cops out there if they found the car that was wrecked in the first place?  So many things wrong with that, but everything leads up to the story and why the kids were alone, they only had MAMA and now they are free of her and want her gone.  Somehow they have MaMa's ashes from the 1800's and finally "put her at rest".  The ending wasn't great.  Very low budget quality effects on that one, but another story down and watched.

Worth the time?  I don't think so, unless you have nothing else to do.  I luckily did not pay money to see this at the theaters.

I score this movie a 5 out of 10

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