Thursday, February 19, 2009

"The Three Sisters" Cigar Box Purse Series

I made these purses recently and named them after me, and my 2 sisters. The one purse "Lynae" is my middle name and didn't want to name it Janel, so it's the Lynae Purse.
Each one of these purses reminded me of my sister, so i had to name them after my sister's of course. My sister, Julie, likes the colors pink and black (as seen on her website
The other one reminded me of my sister, Jenny, whome likes retro and artistic type of colors, so natrually I named this purse after her as well.
The red and black one are my favorite colors. I wear these colors in my clothes, my main colors which are black, greay, red, and white. But I also work in an office, so these are more likely to be "professional" type colors. But thru the years seem to have grown on me. Red is my alltime favorite color, but it am an Aries.
Me and my sisters form "The Three Sisters" that came out to be this wonderful purse series. We do have one brother, but I don't think he'd care to have a purse named after him. LOL. I love and appreciate my sisters and I hope they see this as one of those ways of telling them.
thanks for reading!