Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ori-Janel Creations Sachets

Above is an expample of a custom sachet that I had made. Custom as in someone bought the sachet and I finished it for them in the scent of their choice. I use all natural oils that smell devine. Scents I have come in a range of available scents such as:

Green Tea
Warm Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Lavender

Scents vary of availability due to a high demand in that scent. Most popular seems to be Lavender at the moment. Once the sachets are done they look like the picture at the very top of the page. They can be made several different ways, some simple, some with embellishments, etc. We can also attach a ribbon on the sachet to hang it places as well. I gave one to my boss for christmas and her whole office and then some smelled of Jasmine! These scents are strong and last a long time. I love making these sachets, because I just enjoy making them and that they smell soooooooooo good. I love smelly good things and always have. If you are interested in any type of sachet see what we have on this site or email us at

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  1. Beautiful as always, I just added you to my list of links :)